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Don’t watch, participate!

Attendees describe Philip Bogdanoff's presentations
as enthusiastic, entertaining, fun, dynamic, interactive,
and informative.

Every attorney, police officer or professional who attends a seminar brings their own experiences to the class. My goal is to incorporate those experiences into an informative, interactive and entertaining learning experience. Each presentation includes audio, video, recorded testimony and discussion of actual cases in order to engage the participants in the subject matter. Mr. Bogdanoff is an experienced legal education presenter.


• National District
Attorneys Association

• Ohio Prosecuting
Attorney's Association
~ over 30 presentations

• West Virginia
Prosecutor's Institute
~ 10 Presentations

• Indiana Prosecuting Attorney’s Council

• Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory

• Idaho Prosecuting Attorney's Association

• Ohio Municipal
Attorney’s Association

• Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office

• Virginia
Service Council

• North Carolina
Conference of
District Attorneys

• Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association

• Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association

• Humane Canada
2021 Prosecution of Animal Abuse

• Arizona Attorney General

• Ashland County
• Knox County
• Tuscarawas County
• Medina County
• Stark County
• Delaware County
• Champaign County
• Summit County
• Mansfield PD
• Richland County
• Guernsey County
• Carroll County
• Erie County
• Putnam County
• Holmes County
• Noble County

• Ohio Attorney
General's Office
• Drug Enforcement

• Mother’s Against
Drunk Driving

• Central Ohio
Drug Enforcement
Task Force

  • Oklahoma Bar Assoc.
• Akron Bar Assoc.

• Ohio State Bar Assoc.
• Cleveland Bar Assoc.
• Parma Bar Association
• Wisconsin Bar Assoc.
• Toledo Bar Association
• Florida Bar Assoc
• Atlanta Bar Assoc
• Mecklenburg Bar Assoc.
• Allegheny Bar Assoc
• Colorado Bar Assoc.
• Illinois Bar Assoc.
• Cincinnati Bar Assoc.
• Kansas Bar Assoc.
• Maine Bar Assoc.
• Missouri Bar Assoc.
• Oregon Bar Assoc.
• New Mexico Bar Assoc.
• Nebraska Bar Assoc.
• Alaska Bar Assoc.
• Wyoming Bar Assoc.
• Memphis Bar Assoc.
• Tuscarawas Bar Assoc.
• Arizona Bar Assoc.
• Louisville Bar Assoc.
• Ohio Auditor of State
• Ohio Judicial College
• Ohio National Guard
• Destinantion CLE
• Old Republic Title Co.

• Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP

• National Association of Legal Administrators

• Henry County Hospital Foundation

• Association for Continuing Legal Education Administrators (ACLEA)